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Price & Management

— Dynamic Price

If you are struggling with rate management on daily basis due to changing market demands, by increasing or lowering prices in order to maximize revenue, then no need to worry anymore. With our Dynamic Pricing system, the room rates will increase / decrease as per the demand or lack of it, and the right prices will be adjusted accordingly.

— Periods of seasons:

Don’t you want to increase your sales and occupancy rates during high seasons?!Taskyinn system helps you to adopt the best practices by creating time intervals through the seasonal date ranges, allowing you to choose different prices, in order to ensure maximum revenue within peak seasons.

– Linking Prices with online Travel Agencies (OTA)

The key role of OTA’s has become increasingly important within the hotel industry, because they serve both as a distribution and marketing channel. But imagine the time and effort you have to waste in order to change prices on each OTA platform you are connected to individually!!With Taskyinn, you can easily integrate your property with different OTAs and update prices on all platforms automatically.

— Non-refundable prices:

The Non-refundable rate policy is a way to attract more potential guests looking for an affordable deal. Taskyinn system allows you to set different prices for different rooms, and linking those specific “non-refundable” rooms to different Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) such as

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Booking Screen

– Supports Arabic and English languages

Hotel management softwares generally supports one language, however; Taskyinn system allows you to use multiple languages, both Arabic and English, enabling you to smoothly and easily control the work flow among your staff.

– View Reservations

We are well aware of the importance and need of viewing all your reservations at once, In order to effectively and efficiently ensure that everything is running smoothly. In Taskyinn, such a feature helps you to view all bookings during the month, week or day in a simple and easy step.

– Temporarily Disable Rooms

You may need to temporarily disable (out-of-service) some rooms due to maintenance or any other reason, but don’t worry, with Taskyinn, you can disable any room through the system and it will automatically disable it across other electronic channels such OTA’s and other electronic platforms.

– Confirmed / Unconfirmed Bookings

Tracking the status of bookings is a hard and time-consuming task if done manually. Thus, Taskyinn system presents the Confirmed/Unconfirmed booking feature in order to track the status of your bookings easily and quickly.

– Working offline

Losing internet connection for any reason may cause a lot of damage, losses and work suspension. Therefore, Taskyinn offers you a unique feature that enables you to work offline managing all your operations and functions with ease, as all data will be synchronized once the connection is restored.

— Room Cleanliness and Status Condition

In order to manage your Room Condition successfully and satisfy your guests, you have to continuously track the room cleanliness condition. Taskyinn program offers you that feature so you can quickly and easily track the condition of your rooms, whether it’s clean or dirty, and meet your cleanliness standards and conditions, and hence offer the best service possible for your guests.

Performance indicators and reports

What gets measured, gets done!!

Managing a successful hotel is one of the most challenging jobs with so many departments and responsibilities required, and so little time to review your performance. We are well aware that hotel management needs prompt information and indicators that allows you to measure your progress and stay on track with your revenue and profit goals, and develop your business.
Get Taskyinn, your all in one Hotel Management System, and enjoy the KPIs and reports feature that allows you to see your hotel performance at a glance through detailed reports, which provides you with the most important and in-depth details about your property’s performance.

— Treasury Report

This report gives you precise details about all the financial transactions executed throughout the day, or on any specific date, allowing you to revise or track your progress easily.

— Reservation Report

This report allows you to view all the bookings done through the system, which makes it easier to track the financial status of all bookings and to check if any due payments are still pending.

— Guest report

This report provides you with categorized information about your customers. The report contains fields such as number of visits, paid amounts, city/country, etc..

— Cancellations reports

In case you are facing too many cancellations, this report gives you valuable insights about the number of cancellations and the reasons behind them. Given that, you can simply resolve the issues and prevent or reduce your future cancellations.

— Occupancy Report

One of the most basic and simplest measures of performance for hotels is the Occupancy rate. This report helps you check the occupancy rate and the average price per night and the revenue achieved, which will greatly assist you in making the right pricing decision.

— Guest Reviews Report

You might need to develop your business or add new services to your property, and in order to do so, you need to know your points of strengths and weaknesses. Therefore; this report makes listening to your guests feedback easy, powerful and actionable. It is set according to the main criteria of any hotel which helps you identify the problems or obstacles your guests are facing and finding the right solutions for them.Always remember, your guest reviews are an invaluable resource.

— Activity Log Report

This report is one of the most important control reports, which enables the property manager to record and track any activity conducted by any user on the system, such as a special discount for a reservation, reservation upgrades, receive / refund payments, etc.

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Room Management

– Photo Gallery and Facilities

Taskyinn system allows you to upload photos, add or edit room description and add facilities of your property providing your guests with all the details needed, which also makes it easier to connect with online travel agencies and electronic platforms.

— Keeping your OTA/Electronic Platform profiles up-to-date

The process of updating your profile with Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and electronic platforms requires much time and effort; therefore, Taskyinn allows you to synchronize and automatically update all details and content of your property such as room types, facilities, and images across all your OTA’s and electronic platforms profiles, saving you time and effort, and allowing you to focus on improving your buisness and setting the right development plan.

Manage Reservations

— Electronic Signature

Taskyinn Program introduces the E-signature benefit to its esteemed clients; as it is an easy, simple, and environment-friendly feature that enables the guest to digitally read and sign the terms and conditions of the hotel. This feature helps in minimizing paper-related inefficiencies, saving you time and money.

— Interactive Text Messages / Emails

The success of any Hotel lies under the level of their customer satisfaction and guest retention, and one way to do so is by interacting and communicating with the guest. Taskyinn Program offers automatic SMS / Email solutions by sending text messages or e-mails automatically upon the guest’s arrival / departure from your property.
Moreover, this feature allows you to customize your interaction content with your guests based on your needs, such as booking confirmation, adjusting dates, upgrading Room, occasional massages, etc. and therefore, Happy customers are Loyal customers!!

User Management

User Management plays a critical and important role in the overall success of your property, and a technology that is built specifically for your property is the best way to increase your efficiency. Taskyinn system allows you to Manage all your staff from one place, whether they are in the administration department, reception area, or back offices, as each individual has specific job tasks according to your hotel policy. Taskyinn program provides you with a service that allows you to add all your staff in one place, and to define their tasks and responsibilities accurately.

— Addition of a new job/task

In order to add a new user, first you need to define and specify the role and responsibilities of the employee, then you can easily choose which screens shall he/she has access to.
For example, the new user may only need access 2 or 3 screens according to his/her tasks, such as Bookings and Reservation details , and another user may need access to additional screens.

— Add user

After the addition of the selected Job/task, you will be able to link the new user to that job by creating a new username and password for that person, and then simply send the information to the user via email. So Taskyinn enables you to manage all your tasks and users easily and efficiently.


— Linking with Shomoos Security System

One of the main requirements of the Ministry of Interior for Hotels is to link with Shomoos Security System.

Taskyinn program enables you to upload guest information immediately to Shomoos website by linking and updating data automatically, not manually. This service is only available within Saudi Arabia.

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