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Easy of use

Taskyinn Program is one of the best Hotel and Residential Units Management Systems, designed with simplicity and ease of use, providing you with many tools that all your users need, starting from the hotel manager to the receptionist

Reports and Performance Indicators

In order to manage your hotel/property properly, you certainly need the Reports and Performance Indicators feature, which enables you to take the right decision at the right time and focus on your future plans to improve your business.
Taskyinn presents a wide range of detailed interactive reports and key indicators, which will help you to evaluate performances and get all the relevant details and data needed, in order to accurately identify your future goals and plans.

Connection with Shomoos Security System   

Connecting with Shomoos Security System is an essential need for all hotels in KSA, since it is a prerequisite of the Saudi Ministry of Interior. Taskyinn automatically shares all guests information with Shomoos Security website, however, this service is only available in Saudi Arabia.

Dynamic price

The process of Room Pricing and adjusting price rates on daily basis is a difficult and time consuming task, as it requires instant follow up, much time and effort. Thus, Taskinn hotel management system offers you the dynamic pricing feature, allowing you to automatically change prices according to the current occupancy rate of your propertyl,in order to achieve the highest rate of occupancy and the best revenue possible.

Easy of use

The best Hotel management System,  it is simple, easy and provides sophisticated functions. This feature is one of the main features that will help both manager and receptionist to use the system easily.

Performance Indicators and Reports

Hotel management requires real-time information and indicators. Allows the manager or owner to not only make the right decisions, but also allows them to plan ahead based on past performance.
In the Taskyinn Software we offer you a set of important indicators that let you see the performance of your hotel at a glance. It also offers you a set of detailed interactive reports that give you a deep insight into the details of your facility.

Linked with Security Shomoos

Immediately uploading guest information to Shomoos Security website is a prerequisite of the Saudi Ministry of Interior for Hotels inside Saudi Arabia only. Through the Taskyinn Software all guest data will be shared with Shomoos Security website automatically. Hotels outside Saudi Arabia do not share this data with Shomoos Security.
* Available only in Saudi Arabia

Dynamic price

Dynamic pricing is one of the best solutions for maximizing revenues and increasing occupancy. Many hotels suffer from daily follow-up in reducing or raising room’s rate to achieve the highest occupancy rate and revenue. With Taskyinn Software you can use the dynamic
pricing feature, which will automatically change the rates according to the current occupancy

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